T-Max® 3W/G2™ in stand alone mode (not controlling another timer)

This section is to aid in troubleshooting problems you may be experiencing using a T-Max® 3W/G2™ as a stand alone tanning bed controller/timer. Scroll down until you find the problem you are experiencing.

T-Max® 3W/G2™ display not lit

Your 3W/G2™ is not receiving power. Check these items.

  1. Plug the power supply for the 3W/G2™ into a different outlet. If it turns on then the original outlet is not providing power. Be sure it’s not controlled by a switch, check your circuit breakers, or call an electrician to check power for the dead outlet.
  2. If your 3W/G2™ is still not getting power, make sure the power supply is connected to the “power” screw terminals on the back of the unit.
  3. Try another power supply.

The T-Max® Timer is displaying “99” and making an audible sound

Press the Start/Stop button. The timer will flash “88.” Press and release the Up button and the flashing will stop.

The T-Max® 3W/G2™ will not turn the tanning unit on

  1. Check the circuit breaker for the tanning unit and make sure it is not tripped or off.
  2. Make sure the two wires from the tanning unit are connected to the “J3-Contact” screw terminals on the back of the 3W/G2™.
  3. Refer to the tanning unit manual and make sure you have the correct two wires connected to the “J3-Contact” screw terminals on the back of the 3W/G2™.
  4. Disconnect the two wires from the “J3-Contact” screw terminals. Holding the insulated part of the wires, touch the two bare wire ends together. If the tanning bed energizes, the 3W/G2™ needs servicing or replacement. If the tanning bed does not energize, then the tanning unit has a problem.

Safety note: There may be as much as 270V on these two wires. Make sure that the person performing this test only holds the insulated part of the wires. If you or your maintenance person is not comfortable performing this test, contact a licensed electrician or a certified tanning bed technician to perform this test!

After the session ends, the 3W/G2™ display shows two dots

This is the clean room indication. Press and hold the Up button on the 3W/G2™ until the display goes to 0.