T-Max® Manager Touch

T-Max® Manager Touch™

Introducing the latest member of the T-Max® family. Combining the power of a Manager with the ease of use of your phone, the T-Max® Manager Touch utilizes an intuitive capacitive touchscreen to control up to 60 pieces of equipment from your front desk.

Control Everything with a Tap

By now, we all know how to use touch screens. Everything from smart phones to iPads to blenders have the ubiquitous technology. With a few simple taps, you can check the status or control every tanning unit in your salon.

The large screen clearly displays 10 units at a time in graphic tiles. Every effort was made to create a friendly, informative interface anyone can use.

Tap on any of the bed tiles to bring up the virtual keypad interface. No more cryptic 2-digit codes, the keypad uses plain English to display important tanning bed information and instructions.

Up and down arrows scroll through each command. The number pad allows direct input of tanning times, delay minutes, etc.

Compatibility Mode: Optimized

T-Max® Manager Touch logoT-Max® promises to never leave anyone behind. The T-Max® Manager Touch builds upon the long history of products that came before it. While you probably want to pair it with the popular T-Max® G2™ Access Point Wireless Adapters, the Manager Touch is wireless ready and fully compatible with ALL T-Max® Series timers ever made! You can be confident when replacing older T-Max® Managers that your existing tanning equipment will continue to work flawlessly.

Take the next step in the T-Max® evolution. Order the new T-Max® Manager Touch today.


7.5″ (18.8cm) W X 5″ (12.8cm) H X 1.5″ (3.7cm) D


9VDC, 1A


7″ Capacitive Touch Screen


1 – USB-C Port for Computer Connection
1 – Wired Port (RJ-22) for T-Max® Connection
1 – Wireless Ready Port for T-Max® Wireless Access Point

Wireless: RJ-11 Connection to connect the G2™ Access Point
Power: 2.1mm Connector


ADNET 2K Utility Program
5MBytes Hard Disk Drive Space
Windows® 98, NT, 2000, XP and Vista

In the Box

1 – Manager Touch
1 – 4 foot USB-A to USB-C Cable
1 – 9-12volt 1AMP power supply