WFM™ Wireless Music Distribution System

Become your own DJ and transmit music (and targeted advertisements) throughout your salon.

Now you control the airwaves within your salon walls

The WFM Wireless Music Distribution System is the easiest way to distribute music throughout your salon. The WFM uses the unused FM frequencies in your area to transmit the music you choose to the tanning rooms. Ditch the boomboxes that create chaotic noise, and often play undesirable stations, and cater the music choices your clients can choose. And using FM frequencies means no cables running through the salon.

How does it work?

A WFM Wireless Music Distribution Transmitter is a compact FM transmitter that broadcasts any audio source plugged into it to your salon. The transmitter is tuned to any unused FM radio band (frequencies where you hear static or silence on a regular radio) and uses that frequency to transmit. The WFM Wireless Music Distribution Receiver in a salon room receives that signal and plays it over speakers connected to it.

Each WFM Transmitter can broadcast one music source, while each WFM Receiver can receive and switch between up to 9 different channels. Simply setup as many transmitters (up to 9) as you need for your different music sources and tune each one to transmit over a different radio frequency.

Transmitter setup

The WFM Transmitter contains an MPEG style input. Connect any music source you want; CD player, MP3 player, radio, etc.*** Then tune the transmitter to any FM radio frequency that has only static or silence.

Since you control what gets transmitted, you control what tanners hear. Be creative! Sprinkle in some “commercials” promoting your tanning specials or product sales. Better yet, sell advertising time to local businesses, creating an additional revenue stream. Create a separate playlist for several different music genres and load up an MP3 player with each one (and include your commercials, of course). The possibilities are endless!

Are you receiving this?

For complete control of the audio choices, install one WFM Receiver in each tanning room and connect a couple of 4 or 8 Ohm speakers*** to them. Your tanners can choose whichever channel they want from the available options you set with the transmitters.

However, since the WFM Transmitters occupy FM radio frequencies, any radio will receive the music. You can even use the radio built into many modern tanning beds, or install one of our Python Audio Amplifiers as a receiver. Simply set the presets to the frequencies of your transmitters. You now control the music choices played in each room.

An added bonus of the WFM Music Distribution System is that you can block tanners from tuning to radio stations that advertise your competitors or music that may be offensive to other tanners. And the maximum volume setting on the WFM Receiver provides a more pleasant tanning experience.

But I get really bad reception in my salon

Radio stations are most likely miles away, and the metal construction of most modern commercial buildings also block a lot of radio reception. But that doesn’t matter since you are essentially the radio station INSIDE your salon. The WFM system transmits up to 200 feet (61m), more than enough for even large salons.


  • No more outside radio stations advertising your competitors
  • No more complaints about offensive music from the room next door
  • Create your own advertising or sell ad time to local businesses to generate extra revenue
  • Wireless installation makes it very easy to install and move
  • Maximum volume setting on WFM Receiver to limit noise
  • No monthly fees
  • You’re in control!

The WFM Wireless Music Distribution System is simply the easiest and best way to distribute music throughout your salon. Contact one of our distributors and order WFM today!

WFM Transmitter Specifications


5.25″ (13.3cm) H x 3.5″ (8.9cm) W x 1″ (2.5cm) D
32.5″ (81.3cm) H with antenna extended


9-12V DC @ 100mA


1.5″ (3.8cm) x .5″ (1.3cm) LCD


1 – Antenna
1 – 2.1mm power input
1 – MP3 input

WFM Receiver Specifications


5.25″ (13.3cm) H x 3.5″ (8.9cm) W x 1″ (2.5cm) D
27.5″ (69.9cm) H with antenna extended


9-12V DC @ 1A*


1.5″ (3.8cm) x .5″ (1.3cm) LCD


4 – Screw terminals for speakers
2 – Screw terminals for power
4 – Screw terminals for external control**

* Power requirements may vary depending on the speakers being used. You may have to provide a power supply larger than 1Amp for some speakers.

** Some tanning beds come with the ability to control the WFM Wireless Music Distribution Receiver directly from the tanning bed controls. Contact your tanning bed manufacturer for details. This connection is also used for an optional external controller that can be mounted anywhere you desire.

*** Music sources and speakers not included.