About ADI

Applied Digital, Inc. is a US-based company specializing in solving problems for customers through the design and manufacture of electronics. Founded in 1984, ADI houses their own mechanical and electrical engineering team in an 18,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Branson, Missouri. They specialize in custom automation controls. Long before anyone ever heard of Alexa®, ADI was controlling lights, thermostats, even sprinkler systems. The bulk of their operation concerns custom industrial automation controls in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial power industries, collecting an impressive client list, including GM, Ford, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, NASA, and Iowa Light and Power, to name a few.

Since 1988, ADI has been a leader and innovator in the indoor tanning industry, manufacturing internal tanning bed timers and control boards as well as T-Max® salon controllers. ADI continues to drive the industry, yet remains rooted in their commitment to their customers. When you call us, you will speak to the very people who designed and built the system.

Company History


Applied Digital, Inc. was founded in Ames, Iowa by Dan Smith and his wife, Melody. Their first project? A counter board for the IBM PC. Since then, ADI continues to build upon their foundation of digital controls and automation.


ADI delved into the indoor tanning industry by designing and manufacturing tanning bed timers. Since then, they grew to become a leader in the industry. Countless tanning beds run with digital timers and control boards today.


Identifying a need for better front desk control of salon tanning beds, ADI created T-Max® to fill the void. Proving wildly popular with tanning salon owners, T-Max® quickly grew to include several different versatile solutions, such as the Manager to control all the beds in a salon and the 1A to control a single tanning bed.


Never resting on their laurels, T-Max® continues to improve and expand. In 2005, T-Max® cut the cord with the introduction of the AP900 wireless modules (later renamed to G2™ Wireless Adapters). Setup and expansion of tanning salons instantly became easier without the need to run cables throughout the salon.


Building upon the wireless technology, WFM Wireless Music Distribution System was born, allowing salon owners to introduce controlled music choices in individual rooms. Many salons simply installed inexpensive boomboxes next to the tanning beds, allowing sonic chaos. WFM allows salon owners to offer a narrow selection of musical choices, set a max volume and transmit advertising messages.


Jumping on the trend of unattended access to gyms and clubhouses, T-Max® introduces the Attendant 24-Hour card swipe tanning bed control system. Salon owners grant cardholders access to certain doors and tanning sessions based on membership levels, skin type, operating hours or any other parameters they wish.


Keeping up with the times, T-Max® introduced the only tanning salon controller with a touchscreen interface: T-Max® Manager Touch™. Salon owners can now control their salons with an easy to use touchscreen, or still connect it to a computer and use their favorite tanning salon software.

A Few Notable Clients

The Boeing Company Ford Motor Company General Motors Corporation McDonnell Douglas NASA