Service Knowledge Base

The T-Max® Series tanning bed timers and controllers have been designed for years of trouble-free operation. However, if you do experience any issues with your T-Max® system, this section might help you resolve your issues.

This knowledge base provides solutions to some of the most common problems encountered when controlling your tanning salon. Most issues are easily remedied. If you cannot find the exact issue you are experiencing described here, contact your distributor, tanning bed manufacturer or Applied Digital, Inc.

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When installing and troubleshooting timers, tanning beds or other equipment; you may be working with high voltage and high currents. If you are not comfortable working with, or unable to work with high voltage, contact a licensed electrician for installation or troubleshooting. Applied Digital, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for injuries to persons or damage to equipment that may occur during the installation or troubleshooting of your T-Max® timing system.